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LiveCPK (Sider 3.3.4) PES 2017 By Juce & Nesa24

LiveCPK (Sider 3.3.4) PES 2017 By Juce & Nesa24

LiveCPK (Sider 3) for PES 2017 By Juce

Tool satu ini mirip seperti kitserver di era PES 2013 ataupun fileloader pada PES 2014, dengan tool ini sobat dapat melakukan organisir file cpk (maksudnya yang masih dalam bentuk folder belum di rebuild) sesuka sobat bahkan saat game PES2017 terbuka.

Change log :

Sider 3.0.2
small update:
- added support for relative paths for cpk-roots.
- added example root with a ball by @-cRoNoS-
- sider now checks to see if it is already running, and won't start another instance of self if so

Sider 3.1.0
- major update on how things work internally.
- fixed issues with handling of large files (such as movies, animated aboards, music, etc.)

Sider 3.1.1
- fixing problem with "live" file replacements, which 3.1.0 had. This works again.
- performance improvement: eliminate unnecessary seeks in game cpk-files
- re-worked internals once again to use less cpu/memory.

Sider 3.1.2
Small maintenance release:
- now works again on Mac, using wine, with Wineskin wrapper or PlayOnMac.
- normalized debug logging.

Sider 3.2.0
Little update with some research magic from @nesa24:
- turn off the black bars during the matches - to use more of your monitor and see more of the field

Sider 3.2.1
- with updated sider.ini, so that it works with PES 2017 exe 1.04

Sider 3.3.3
- [New]: get_ball_name event - for use with ball-server
- [New]: is_edit_mode field in the context object (and new events for entering/exiting edit mode)
- [New]: memory library - to search, read, and write memory.

Sider 3.3.4
This is mostly a maintenance (bug-fix) release:
- [FIX]: In Master League games context object was filled with garbage after a goal or a foul (replay). This was also causing crashes, due to bad memory accesses. This is now fixed.
- [NEW]: get_stadium_name event : useful for stadium-server ... You know, if there is one in the future ;)
- [CHANGE]: set_stadium event has been split into two different ones: set_stadium and set_conditions. Both events provide information about stadium, time-of-day, season, and weather, but they allow to change different parts of it: set_stadium - stadium only, set_conditions - timeofday, season, weather.
See doc/scripting.txt for details on all of the new stuff.

How to activate: you will need to modify your sider.ini - notice the new "black.bars.off" setting there. By default it is set to 0 - meaning no action, keep the black bars. If you change that to 1, then the black bars will be gone during the matches, and also in the main menu. (Some other menus and edit mode will still have the bars). Kudos to Master Nesa, who found the code location!

DOWNLOAD | The latest version

Cara Pakai LiveCPK (Sider 3) PES 2017 By Juce & Nesa24 :

1. Ektrak sider-3.x.x,zip
2. Copy & paste semua isi dari folder sider-3.x.x [hasil ekstrak] ke folder utama PES 2017
LiveCPK (Sider 3.3.3) PES 2017 By Juce & Nesa24
3. Dalam folder content sobat bisa letakkan file hasil ekstrak sebuah file cpk

Disini peslover contohkan sebuah file database
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\lcpk-roots\pesloverPATCH\common\etc\pesdb

4. Buka sider.ini dan buatlah konfigurasi misalkan seperti di bawah :

cpk.root = ".\content\lcpk-roots\pesloverPATCH"

#simpan perubahan baru sider.ini

5. Buka sider.exe dan minimize tool Kemudian jalankan game

6. PLay PES2017 & ENJOY

๐Ÿ“ŒAwal mula terciptanya tool ini hanya difungsikan untuk unlock side gamepad dalam sebuah kompetisi/liga, Tapi sekarang "Sider" terus dikembangkan dan semakin populer digunakan untuk membuat & install file patch seperti diatas (Modding pes 2017 tanpa menggunakan banyak file cpk di folder download)๐Ÿ“Œ

How it works:
You organize the files into folders, with root folder specified in sider.ini, in "cpk.root" option. Inside the root folder you will have "common", and so on - as the structure of the game dictates. You can have multiple root folders, or "roots". Think of these roots as basically unpacked CPK archives.

Why use this:
Technically, this particular version, does not give much advantage over the alternative of using download folder and DpFileList.bin. But, I imagine LiveCPK can be useful for artists, who can iterate much quicker on their work: you don't even need to exit the game to modify a file - you simply Alt-Tab to you editing program, make changes, then switch back to the game, and see updated artwork right away, once the game reloads that particular file. Also, you can still use download/DpFileList.bin for some patches and LiveCPK for some other - there is no conflict, except LiveCPK content has priority.

Thoughts for future:
Using folders and files is one possibility. However, in principal, we could do more interesting things. For example, LiveCPK can be adapted to support Lua scripting and then functionality can be extended beyond just fixed files and folders. Perhaps, people would write Lua scripts that would implement a Stadium server, or a maybe do on-demand creation of DDS textures from PNG files, or maybe something with music. I dunno... Just some ideas. [Juce]

Tool kompetible dengan pes 2017 original maupun CPY

Credits & special thanks for Juce & nesa24.

4 komentar:

  1. Ini buat apa ya admin.gunanya.slider tool ini

    1. selain utk unlock side gamepad tool satu ini bisa utk modding pes 2107 tanpa memakai file cpk di folder download

  2. kalo camera viewnya tinggi itu karena pake sider ya min?

  3. karena dynamic wide angle aktif, tapi sobat dapat non aktifkan dengan cara buka "sider.ini" cari code "camera.dynamic-wide.angle.enabled = 1" kemudian rubah angka 1 menjadi 0 terakihir save.


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