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Mega Chantpack For PES2018/2017/2016

Mega Chantpack For PES2018/2017/2016

Chantpack being made in preparation for PES2018 but thought as it works very well at the moment that other people might want to try it and see what its like, (predator002)
PES2017 Chants Update V1 by predator002 (released 21-04-17) Features : 589 teams each with 8 chant slots,

Mega Chantpack For PES2018/2017/2016

Mega Chantpack + contain full team list

Notes : The file is big and completely unavoidable. 589 teams x 8 slots + 64 generic = 4776 audio files with various file sizes.
  • The chants will only play if the team has a corresponding team ID and is licensed.
  • Every team has 8 slots in use. Where I couldn't find a chant (at the moment) the slot is populated with a temporary chant.
  • All audio files are in HCA format and set to a volume below the commentary.
  • Sound quality can differ. As I haven't played with every team please give feedback if you hear a dodgy chant and I will replace)
CRIAtomCraft - Program used to rebuild all ACB/AWB files.
Albiore - Team IDs.
sxsxsx - CPK File Manager v1.7a assistance.
fanchants.co.uk - Source for all chants.

NB : Chant pack paling direkomendasikan dengan koleksi chant untuk seluruh team pada game Pro Evolution Soccer.

Special thanks predator002 for update !!!

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