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Kitserver Terbaru PES6

Kitserver Terbaru PES6

Melengkapi postingan tentang PES6, kali ini peslover share tool yang akan memudahkan sobat semua untuk melakukan patch pada PES6.

Yupz kitserver terbaru PES6 v6.7.1 by Juce yang dirilis pada 22.04.2018 ini akan memudahkan sobat install face, kits, stadium, ball dan boot pada PES6.

Whats New v6.7.1
- fserv: fixes for HD face/hair logic
- removed camerazoomer, as it was flagged by Google

Kitserver Terbaru PES6

- kits support for licensed/unlicensed (including "Other C") teams. Kit format: paletted or truecolor (PNG or BMP). HD-kits supported.
- 3rd,4th,etc. (extra) kits selection using "1" and "2" buttons (for both players and gk)
- kit parts mixing is possible, and also no shared palette headache.
- all kit attributes supported (model, collar, number/name placement). New attribute: "shirt.number.location" to set where number on the front of the shirt (for national teams) appears: center or topright.
- Faceserver (with hairserver)
- Bootserver (unlimited amount of boots: each player can get its own)
- Ballserver
- LODmixer (LODs, camera-fix, aspect ratio correction, attendance settings, etc.)
- Stadium Server
- AFS2FS (with multiple roots support)
- gamepad/keyboard hotkeys support


Credits & Thanks Juce for update

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